Republican Senator calls on technology companies to explain the removals of content and accounts


A Republican senator asked the chief executives of five major US technology companies to answer detailed questions about decisions to restrict or permanently ban conservative user accounts, according to Reuters.

Outgoing Republican Senator Roger Wicker who is chair of the Commerce Committee, sent messages to Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Vapet and Twitter, stating that “thousands of conservative user accounts and content” had been “restricted or permanently removed from the platforms.”

The companies took their strongest action yet against President Donald Trump, fearing that violence would continue after his supporters attacked the US Capitol Building on January 6.

Apple, Google and Amazon have also suspended Parler – a pro-Trump app where users have threatened more violence – from their app stores and web hosting services, a bunch of moves that would severely hamper the service.

Wicker also asked for an explanation of the moves against Parler. “Americans deserve transparency and accountability for what appears to be politically biased censorship – silencing the voices of users and public figures alike,” said Wicker.


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