Republican Senator: Capitol rioters tried to kidnap and assassinate Pence


Republican Senator: Capitol rioters tried to kidnap and assassinate Pence

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US Republican Senator Ben Saz announced that Vice President Mike Pence was subjected to an attempt to “kidnap and assassinate” during the storming of the Capitol by hundreds of supporters of President Donald Trump.

This is stated in statement Saz posted it on his website on Friday, after the Justice Department suggested in court documents that the rioters who infiltrated Congress on January 6 were aiming to “kidnap and assassinate elected officials.”

The Republican senator stressed that “the angry people” are trying to “whitewash the attack on the Capitol” by claiming that a handful of “bad guys” are out of control, and he continued: “This claim is wrong, and every American should realize what the Justice Department published shortly ago: I have Investigators are irrefutable evidence indicating that some of the rioters who stormed the US Capitol were planning to kidnap the Vice President and possibly assassinate him. ”

Saz noted that they were not drunk who had become troublemakers, but rather “terrorists attacking the transition process under the constitution.”

He continued: “They failed, but they came to a dangerous distance from fueling a bloody constitutional crisis, and they should be punished with the maximum extent permitted by law.”

Saz said the FBI is investigating multiple calls for violence across the country and every American is responsible for “bringing down the temperature.”

This comes against the backdrop of the Washington Post publishing a report in which it stated that Pence, during the storming of the Capitol, was close to falling into the hands of rioters, some of whom were calling for his “execution by hanging”, for refusing Trump’s request to cancel the election results.

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