Reservation forces Al-Ahly and Pyramids to accept a goalless draw


Al-Ahly and Pyramids were satisfied with a goalless draw between them in the meeting that brought them together this evening, Tuesday, in the framework of the tenth round matches of the Egyptian We League.

The match witnessed a lack of complete attacks on both goals, as Pyramids did not succeed in reaching Mohamed El Shennawi’s goal with only one shot, while Al-Ahly’s attacks on Sherif Ikrami’s net were rare, except for two chances for Walter Boualia.

With this result, Al-Ahly’s balance rose to point 21 at the top of the league standings, one point ahead of Zamalek, who did not compete in the current round, while Pyramids advanced to point 14 in fourth place.

the summary of the match

Al-Ahly imposed control of the ball in the first minutes of the confrontation, at a time when Pyramids relied on advanced defense to reduce the time of Al-Ahly’s possession of the ball, in the absence of danger on both goals until the fourth minute.

The fourth minute came to witness the formation of a slight danger on the pyramids goal, after a long diagonal ball from Mohamed Magdy “Afsha” towards Hussein Al-Shahat, but Sherif Ikrami came forward and grabbed it before reaching Al-Ahly wing.

Muhammad Hani fell to the ground without any interference in the sixth minute of the meeting to complain of a muscle injury, which caused an emergency substitution for Al-Ahly in the tenth minute by pushing Ahmed Ramadan “Beckham”.

The most famous jihad of Greisha, the referee of the match, was the first yellow card after 21 minutes to obtain it after calculating a mistake against him in favor of Ramadan Sobhi, after a tense case of the shirt in the middle of the stadium.

The second card appeared in the confrontation by the 26th minute of the match, after a strong intervention by Pyramids defender Ahmed Sami on Afsha, a short distance outside the penalty area, which necessitated his warning from Greisha.

He hit the ball in the Pyramids block wall, to rebound to Hussein Al-Shahat, who manipulated Abdullah Al-Saeed before launching a shot from outside the penalty area in the 27th minute, but Sherif Ikrami caught it.

The 41st minute came with the most dangerous balls of the match, after a long ball received by Ramadan Sobhi behind Al-Ahly defense, to start with the ball and manipulate three players, before passing it to Antwi in front of the goal, but the Ghanaian shot it very weak due to the inaccuracy of the pass.

Ahmed Fathy suffered a joint ball injury between him and Taher Mohamed Taher in the 44th minute, to leave the stadium and Omar Jaber instead of him in the first substitution for Pyramids.

Hussein Al-Shahat got his first yellow card and the second for Al-Ahly in the 52nd minute, after a high ball from Ali Maaloul, Al-Ahly wing tried to divert it with his hand towards the goal, but Greishas Jihad realized the mistake and decided to count it.

Muhammad Al-Shennawi made a mistake in passing the ball to Badr Bannon to pass in front of him in the 59th minute, Ramadan Sobhi, who launched the ball almost alone before Ayman Ashraf returned to grab the ball while the Pyramids player tried to dodge him, saving Al-Ahly’s goal from an achieved danger.

Al-Ahly coach Pitso Musimani made two substitutions in the 67th minute of the meeting, after he pushed the duo Mahmoud Abdel Moneim “Kahraba” and Walter Bwalia instead of Hussein Al-Shahat and Mohamed Sharif.

Walter Bwalya missed the opportunity for a goal investigator in the 74th minute of the match after receiving a long ball that was completely alone in the goal, but he decided to convert it from a cross to the ground into an electrocution, so Omar Jaber intervened by banishing it for a corner kick.

After one minute, Bwalia received a cross from the left side to be caught by Sherif Ikrami before it fell in front of the Congolese striker, who put it in the net, but Jihad Greisha decided to count the ball by mistake in favor of the Pyramids goalkeeper.

Bwalya returned to miss a goal again in the 83rd minute after receiving a cross from Afsha, who turned it around from the right side, to be kicked by the Congolese with the foot, but Ikrami blocked her before returning to him again to hit it in the hands of the Pyramids goalkeeper to turn into a corner.

Musimani pushed Alio Diang in the 86th minute instead of Taher Mohamed Taher, while Ibrahim Adel and Dudu Al-Gabas entered the Pyramids formation instead of Abdullah Al-Saeed and John Antwi.

Nabil Dunga fired a missile shot in the 90 + 4 minute towards Mohammed Al-Shennawi’s goal, but the Al-Ahly goalkeeper managed to clear it brilliantly to keep his nets clean and the confrontation ended with a goalless draw.

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