Results of Monday’s matches in the Egyptian League


Today, Monday, 3 matches were held in the eighth week of the general league, and Ceramica defeated Al-Tale’i with one goal, and Al-Maqasat outperformed Ghazl Al-Mahalla with two goals to one, and Al-Mokawloon beat Al-Ismaili with a clean goal.

Ceramica achieves a dear victory over Al-Tale’i with a deadly goal

The Ceramica team snatched three precious points after they succeeded in winning over Al-Talaa Al-Geish with two goals to one in the match that was held between them at the Suez Stadium in the eighth round of the league matches.

Shady Hussein, the Ceramica striker, led his team with the first goal from a penalty kick in the 61st minute against Al-Jaysh, and the latter tied two minutes later through Ibrahim Kounieh, and in the second minute of stoppage time Ahmed Yasser Rayan scored the second goal for Ceramica from the situation flying after he hit his colleague Sherif Dabo with his head Strong in the goal of Mohamed Bassam, goalkeeper of Al-Talaia, to raise the winner’s balance to 11 points and rise to sixth place, while Al-Talae ‘stuck at 4 points and is still in the last place of the league.

Al-Maqsas defeats Ghazal Al-Mahalla 2-1

The Misr El Maqsa team defeated Ghazl El Mahalla, with two goals to one, in the match that brought the two teams together at the Mahalla stadium, in the eighth round of the Egyptian Premier League competition for the football season 2020-2021, and the two goals of the clearing were scored by the Ethiopian Chimilis Bikley in the 5th minute and Issam Sobhi in the 74th minute. From a penalty kick, while Mahmoud Alaa scored the goal in the 47th minute.

With this result, Ghazal Mahalla occupies the twelfth place in the ranking table League With seven points, after playing 8 games, he won a match and drew in four games, lost 3 games, and his players scored 6 goals and received 10 goals, while Egypt Al-Maqsas ranked fourth with 13 points after playing 8 matches, winning four games, drawing in a match and losing three confrontations. 10 goals and conceded 9 goals.

The contractors beat Ismaily 1/0

The Arab Contractors team grabbed three precious points after defeating the Ismaili club with a clean goal, during the postponed sixth round match of the General League competition that brought the two teams together at the Ismailia Stadium, with a clean goal scored by Muhammad Hamdi Zaki, the wolves of the mountain playmaker in the 25th minute of the first half of the match. And the mouse had canceled a Darwish goal scored by Fakhr El Din Ben Youssef in the 66th minute, after the Tunisian striker had fallen into an offside trap.

With this victory, the Arab Contractors raises their score to point 7, and the wolves of the mountain advance 4 places to take the 12th position in the competition table, while the Dervishes’ balance freezes at point 6 in the 15th place.


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