Robert as a Emotional Pet at CES


The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which is being held virtually from January 11 to 14, has featured a pet, artificial intelligence robot with “emotional powers”, similar to a guinea pig and with black eyes and soft fur, according to techradar.

Vanguard Industries said during the exhibition that its algorithm allows the Moflin robot to learn and grow using built-in sensors to assess its surroundings, and these sensors include accelerometers with gyroscopes, touch sensors and microphones.

This means that he is able to distinguish between different people depending on how they interact with him, and he can express his “feelings” as well as express his feelings towards sounds that are gentle or that are intolerable to some.

According to the company, it designed the robot to evolve all the time, depending on the environment around it and the way others deal with it, including anxiety, calm, happiness and enthusiasm, which may be similar to a real pet.

According to the manufacturer, the method of charging is done in an innovative way, the user has to put it in a wireless charging that looks like a nest, and he will find the robot wakes up with pleasant sounds like a real sleeping animal.

Moflin comes with Bluetooth 4.2 wireless connectivity, and the app for iOS and Android.


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