Ronaldo broke Pele’s legend … and the biggest achievement “very close”


And he succeeded Ronaldo Scoring two goals in the 31st and 70th minutes, in the match that ended in victory Juventus On Udinese With a score of 1-4.

Ronaldo scored with these two goals to 758 goals, which he scored during his twenty-year footballing career, during which he played for Sporting Lisbon and Manchester United, And real, Juventus, and the Portuguese national team.

And according to the Spanish newspaper “Marca”, Ronaldo has exceeded the number that was registered in the name of the Brazilian legend Pellet (757 goals), and he is behind the goal record recorded in the name of the Austrian-Czech player Joseph Pecan, which the Spanish “marca” says is limited to 759 goals, while other sources raise it to about 766, which means that Ronaldo is close, In any case, who has exceeded the historical figure.

In addition to his new record, this year Ronaldo has achieved an achievement on social media, reaching his account on Instagram 250 million followers.

90min said that the Portuguese and Italian Juventus star became the first person to reach this figure on the Instagram platform owned by a company. Facebook.

It is noteworthy that Ronaldo, aged 35, is also the most followed person on Facebook, and the most followed athlete on Twitter.


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