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I think that the project launched by the President to develop the Egyptian countryside is a declaration that the Egyptian state is adopting one of the most important projects, not only economic, but social, related to the human right to a decent life. What I expect that the government will have embarked on is proper planning, starting from studies conducted by the relevant bodies and institutions on the ground, and going through the stage of determining the needs of each village or region separately, based on clear information that does not leak into any doubts regarding poverty maps and the existence of infrastructure Whether or not, in addition to its neglected resources, and a number of other determinants, eventually reaching the implementation stage, which is undertaken by the government, agencies and aid agencies.

The Egyptian government has done well as a national project to facilitate investment procedures and remove obstacles for those wishing to assist the state in achieving it in a manner that achieves the goals for which it was set.

I cannot separate this initiative, which has become a national project, with all official or societal initiatives targeting the Egyptian citizen, and which would have been in vain, had it not been for landing and conducting surveys of citizens’ needs. Or, more precisely, if it were not for clear information about each project or initiative.

I have previously emphasized the need for the Egyptian state to map specific needs, and it is a map like many maps that highlight a specific direction, for example there is a geographical map that shows the terrain, area and division of governorates, and there is an investment map that shows the investment opportunities in it, and there Agricultural and climatic map, among others. At the time, she claimed that Egypt needs such a map, inasmuch as it also needs supportive institutions and people, and then directing funds to different sources of need in an effective and influential manner.

The importance of the map is not only in identifying the needs of each village and city, but rather in that it will shed light on the needs of some places, which the initiative makers and businessmen may have never paid attention to due to their remoteness or lack of attention to their real needs. And when this map is published on a large scale, everyone will have in front of everyone a map of all the real Egyptian needs for places that have missed the eye of development or whose problems need urgent treatment. This also opens the door for civil society to participate according to the needs illustrated by the map.

The government must work to prepare such maps, and make use of the available information, regardless of where it is located or who prepared it. Indeed, searching old books is sometimes useful. I expect that this file will be dealt with according to a scientific method, and it will be auspicious if the government has benefited from old plans and projects such as the 1,000 villages development project. The will to implement it is now fully available, real and scientific as well.

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