Sada Al Balad: A family stumbles upon a suspicious discovery behind the bathroom mirror of their new home


You feel good when buying a new home, and as soon as you move in, you enjoy looking around and losing all its details, but some homes hide strange secrets that may be terrifying in some way.The family of 18-year-old Tik Tok star Annabelle Mickelson has recently moved into their new home in Arizona, USA, to be surprised by hidden secrets.

The family knew that the former homeowner used to throw parties, but they found a strange hideout behind a secret door covered on the other side by the bathroom mirror.

They were baffled when they were unable to remove the mirror from the wall, as it was sticking, not hanging, so they punched the wall behind it.

Only to find an odd bunker, shelves, and wire cabins to control the cameras in the house, which they concealed with a mirror.

Before Amandas family bought the house the social media star claimed the house was the property of a drug dealer who “partyed all the time”.

And she continued, “There were cameras surrounding the house from everywhere, but the direction of which was unknown, and there were cameras that led to the back gate so that he could allow people to infiltrate.”

Moreover, Amanda claimed that there was $ 25,000 and found it hidden somewhere in their garden, after someone came looking for money.

Since then, more than 2.5 million people have watched Amandas videos of the strange home, and people were looking forward to learning more about the family’s new home.

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