Sada Al Balad: A haunted house … Kahwaji finds a secret door behind the wall and a surprise awaits him


A British Kahwaji who owns a “haunted” house was surprised to discover a secret door to a room below his house that turned out to be an old mine hidden inside one of the walls.

Although he owned the house on Bassett Street in Camborne for years, “Robert Elias” had no knowledge that the property was hiding an interesting story.

But he believes the house “helped” him discover the basement with a series of “frightening events” and strange coincidences that led him towards the secret door.

Ellis says, “I have a firm belief that this house chose me and not the other way around … some very frightening coincidences occurred! .. such as lights on and off, in addition to frightening sounds.”

Talking to several locals, including the grandson of a mine superintendent who lived and worked in the area, he discovered a wealth of historical information about the house and the contents hidden for a generation, including a cellar used to store maps of mines and metal that had been lined up and piled up.

“Elias” demolished the wall and digging in the house, after a suspicious conversation with a construction worker who was working in the house during the eighties, and surprised him with a question: “Did you find the basement?”

Many frightening events for Elias took place in this house, the most recent being the moment when the basement door discovered one of those strange events.

By coincidence, while trying to hang a tire that suddenly and without reason fell from the wall a year and a half after it had been placed, as soon as he punched 4 small test holes in the wall, he was surprised by something strange falling behind the wall.

He says, “When I first moved I could hear all kinds of beatings on the wall, and I would wake up at a certain time every night for no reason. There was a friend of mine.”، He claimed to have heard footsteps، There was no one else sitting in the house, and some unexplainable scenarios occurred. “

The story of the spooky house

By researching and investigating it became clear that the house was originally built by the Bassett family – who had Elias sold the house – since around 1832, and was the former head office of Tehidy Minerals.

The basement served as a safe place to keep mine plans, wages and ores, the backfill on the sides of the safe contained pieces of turquoise copper; This indicates that mine waste was used to build the house, and Elias’s bedroom was the boardroom.

He is now in the process of restoring the building to its original state, starting with scrapping the wood floors to exposing the parquet tiles underneath.

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