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The truth is what we see with the angle of our limited view, it is relative, while the truth is absolute, because it is a reading in various dimensions that exceeds even the barrier of time. No one, for example, can write about the former Minister of Information, Safwat al-Sharif, with confidence in all the details, especially since some of them deserve a very confidential description.

Safwat, in his life, did not allow anyone to push him to reveal something. He only determines the question, not just the answer, that is the composition of the intelligence man, which remained with him, and he does not forget the smallest details. A dance performer told me that she was performing rehearsals before the October celebrations. Safwat came and found her among the group, not wearing shoes. He protested, in the next rehearsal he saw her among dozens of shoes and smiled at her.

One of the poets told me that he commissioned him to write the operetta October, and he wanted not to repeat the zaffa (we chose him and we are with him, God willing). We built the High Dam), the following year he wrote (The Demands of the People), which begins (We Want We Want, Oh Jamal). All of them were demands for the leader.

Our young poet started by mentioning Mubarak’s accomplishments and added in the end (we want to cross another), immediately alerted Safwat, and he did not wait for him to turn into a poet and said to him, let her (live another transit), also adjust as you see the weight and rhyme.

He definitely knew what could provoke the anger of the president, despite what was reported after his deportation in 2004 to the Shura Council, that he offered to meet the former president, in a German hospital, after he had undergone sensitive surgery, and he was wearing pajamas, which angered the president’s family.

Safwat enjoyed strong influence, this is a fact, but in the film (Kashf Al-Murtoor) by Wahid Hamed and Atef Al-Tayyeb in 94, the film stumbled greatly in censorship, and he strongly repeated that Safwat hinted that there is exposure to it in the events, and yet the film was shown without deletion, and we discover on the other side , That the series (The Family) by Wahid Hamed was shown in the same year, which took responsibility despite the objections of the devices, Safwat Al-Sharif.

The great radio station Hamdy Qandil was completely excluded from appearing on (Maspero), which Safwat returned on the recommendation of Mubarak because he was watching his program in (ART) and liked it. Mohamed Hassanein Heikal for Egyptian Television, stipulated the structure of live broadcasting on the air, which Safwat could not agree to, so the negotiation language stopped and we saw Haykal in Dream.

Certainly, there are multiple stories about Mrs. Suzan Mubarak’s positive attitude with Farouk Hosni, former Minister of Culture, and the negative with Safwat Al-Sharif. One day, the broadcaster Mahmoud Sultan, who analyzed the mystery of the loophole with Safwat, turned to me, but due to the absence of Sultan, it cannot be published.

When the month of Ramadan was approaching and his son Ihab was presenting with works of art produced at the height of the power (Maspero), Safwat used to tell the selection committees, “If you compliment my son with the offer, you will pay the prices.” Part of what I know, and I imagine it to be the truth, except that it is not absolutely and necessarily true, because most of what surrounds Safwat al-Sharif (strictly confidential).

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