Salah Abu Greisha and Hani Al-Agizi joined the technical staff of Smouha under the leadership of Sami


Smouha Club decided to appoint Mohamed Salah Abu Grisha and Hani Al-Ajezi as part of the technical staff of the team led by Ahmed Sami, and the appointment of Abu Greisha and Al-Ajezi came after the departure of Ahmed Hammouda, the general coach, and Khamis Jaafar, the coach, from the technical staff of the team.

On the other hand, Engineer Faraj Amer, President of Smouha, confirmed that his club will sign a heavy Arab player this week. Faraj Amer said in a phone call to the “With Schubert” program on On Sport FM: “Smouhas list includes 22 players, of whom 11 are shown. A player infected with Corona and the number is expected to increase in the coming period“.

The president of Smouha added, “Athar Al-Taher, Hussam Hassan, Al-Tarhouni, and Abdel-Kabir Al-Wadi are the most prominent players affected by Corona in Smouha, and I am afraid that the number will increase. We made two surveys in two different sides and a conflict occurred. I hope our Lord conceal them and prepare this situation well.“.

Faraj Amer continued, “Postponing the production match is a wonderful decision from the Football Association, and I am satisfied with Smouhas performance and my feeling is that we are able to finish the season in a position that surpasses the position we achieved last season, and we were subjected to a major arbitration injustice in the previous rounds of the league, which is the most difficult ever.“.

Regarding the deals, the Smouha president said, “Smouha will feature this week an Arab heavy-caliber striker for the first time to play in Egypt .. wait for him“.

Ahmed Sami, the technical director of the team, decided to impose a fine of 100,000 pounds on any player who is in restaurants or cafes without adhering to the precautionary measures, which makes him vulnerable to infection with the Corona virus, and a high decision for this punishment came after more than 11 individuals within the team were infected with the Corona virus..

Faraj Amer made a phone call to Ahmed Sami to check on the health of the players and the technical staff after the emergence of wholesale cases, and Amer also called for the necessity of sterilizing the locker rooms and the gym to ensure that they are free from any trace of the Corona virus, and the Competitions Committee of the Football Association decided to postpone the Smouha match and the Military Production until January 17 Officially, it will be held at Al Salam Stadium.


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