Salah Jadid .. a player from the Arab Contractors in Sporting Lisbon


The Arab Contracters Club agreed to the request submitted by the Portuguese Sporting Club, for the young striker of the team, Youssef Hassan, to undergo a one-week living period in preparation for negotiations on joining the player for the next period.
Engineer Mohamed Adel Fathy, general supervisor of the ball, member of the club’s board of directors, confirmed that Sporting Lisbon requested that the player live for a week during next February, provided that the date is set in coordination between the two clubs.

Fathi said that out of the club’s keenness and constant endeavor to open the horizons of professionalism for the team’s players, the club’s board of directors, headed by Engineer Mohsen Salah, welcomed the offer, and Captain Imad Al-Nahhas, the technical director, agreed to the offer, especially as the contractors seek to repeat his previous and successful experiences such as Mohamed Salah and Mohamed El-Nani, especially that Youssef Hassan is one of the elements. The missionary of the Egyptian ball.


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