Schubert condemns the doctor of the youth team: it was his idea to travel early, and we don’t have a doctor


The media, Ahmed Schubert, condemned the statements of the youth team doctor against Rabih Yassin, the former technical director of the Pharaohs, against the background of a large outbreak of Corona virus among the ranks of the national team during his presence in Tunisia to participate in the North Africa tournament, and Schubert said through his radio channel “With Schubert”: Rabie Yassin refused The response to the statements of the youth team doctor, who made strange statements, confirming that Rabie Yassin traveled from Egypt with Corona, and caused infection in the players, and that there was one player who said that he had a broken body and informed me, but after a while he said that he was fine.

He added: The words you are saying confirm that our team does not have a doctor, that you are saying that the coach had a Corona and traveled that is not safe, and that in a player he told you that his body was broken and not isolated, this speech is an indictment of you.

And he added: When someone among us kept a cold in the camps, the doctor used to intervene before Corona.

He concluded: The idea of ​​traveling early was the idea of ​​the elected doctor, and this is a confirmed information. Amr Al-Ganaini refused, and the five-year committee rejected this order.

Rabih Yaseen, the technical director of the youth team, issued a statement announcing that the MP had submitted a report against the lies of the youth team doctor. Rabei Yassin said in his statement, “Captain Rabei Yassin submitted a detailed report on the aspects of his work as a technical director as a request for the fact-finding committee concerned with the matter, as well as He submitted his official resignation on 12/23/2020 and up to that date, no official decision or recommendation has been issued by that committee or the Egyptian Football Association so that he can take the appropriate position .. And Rabei Yassin is reluctant to address some of his name, biography and morals that everyone knows about It is worthy of some media outlets and deliberately lying and deceiving in order to evade responsibility and will not descend into a response to it, as its history does not allow that, with its adherence to taking critical legal measures against any violation of the text, and the special legal advisor was assigned to deal immediately with the situation .. In the end the names disappear and the flag of Egypt remains Loud and loud, may God protect Egypt and its people. ”

And carry dr Walid ManzoorThe doctor of the youth team was responsible for the injury of the youth team to Captain Rabie Yassin, the technical director of the national team, saying: “Unfortunately, no one was able to speak with him … and the players were injured from Egypt, not Tunisia.”


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