Schubert criticizes the recommendations of the tripartite committee of the Football Association


Journalist Ahmed Schubert criticized the recommendations of the Football Association, issued by the tripartite committee, on Monday, considering these recommendations wrong.

“After increasing the number of foreigners was an exceptional decision due to the circumstances of the Syrian and Palestinian players, increasing the number of players to five in each team is close to being a reality,” Schubert said during his presentation on the Ontime Stadium program on the Ontime Sports channel.

He added: “How does the Egyptian league incur five foreign players in each team? Is the participation of half of the foreign players the right decision ?!”

Schubert attacked the decision to return foreign guards in the Egyptian League, saying: “We have told us for years that we will not allow foreign guards, then Arab countries such as Morocco and Algeria have begun to send their guards to professionalism in Europe, and we are looking to bring in guards from abroad.”

Schubert criticized the derogation from the mouse technique, saying: “The mouse technique is innocent of arbitration errors in the Egyptian League. In order to apply the technology, 8 cameras are required in every match.”

In its meeting today with the Egyptian Football Association, the Premier Division clubs recommended on the rules of the next season to limit the number of foreign players to five without classification or specifying their positions, and to confirm the winter registration period in January and to participate in the main youth competitions in the same section in which the first team of the club participates.

The clubs of the first section also recommended to postpone the formation of the Professional League for the next season, and to ask the Football Association to work on finding an alternative if a technique was exposed. WHERE To stop for reasons beyond everyone’s control, to ensure the continued application of technology in the stadiums.

The committee in charge of managing the Egyptian Football Association, headed by Ahmed Mujahid, met today with the heads and officials of the Premier Division clubs, where they listened to a full explanation of the conditions of the competition that concern the clubs participating in the competition, as Ahmed Mujahid confirmed that the Football Association wishes the season ends in mid-July However, the lack of only 4 cars for the rat forced us to hold matches every round for three days.

Mujahid also referred to the decision on the number of people infected with Coronavirus from each club, which aims to provide the opportunity for clubs that were surprised by the presence of injuries among their team to rearrange their conditions according to the new circumstances, and not to continue postponing their matches, as the infected player needs more than a month to return to Stadiums.

The President of the Egyptian Football Association added that he is officially sending the clubs with a new proposal to amend the sporting merit clause in the list of competitions, after he sensed that there is an injustice that may fall on some clubs if it is applied in the current form.

With regard to youth competitions, the president of the federation said that the federation is awaiting the decision of the Crisis Committee in this regard, after raising the matter of how to protect our children to the Ministry of Youth and Sports.


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