Schubert: Mohamed Hany undergoes a new streak and the player participated in group training


Journalist Ahmed Schubert expressed his surprise at the discrepancy in the results of the medical swab samples that Muhammad Hani Dahir, Ayman Al-Ahly underwent, to detect the Corona virus, and Schubert wrote on his Twitter account: A strange surprise in the swabs of Al-Ahly players after the appearance of Muhammad Hani’s negative result and his participation in the sample exercises The new positive today!!!!!!!

He added: Al-Ahly is doing a new smear for Muhammad Hani today.


Sayed Abdel Kashf Al Hafeez, director of Al-Ahly football, revealed that the medical swab performed by all the players and the technical staff was negative, with the exception of Muhammad Hani, who will be re-swabbed next Saturday to be more reassured of his condition.

Al-Ahly players and the technical staff performed a medical swab yesterday according to the protocol followed before the official matches, as Al-Ahly is preparing to face Ceramica tomorrow, Friday, in the sixth round of the Premier League championship.

The recent medical swab that the Al-Ahly team underwent showed the positive sample of Mohamed Hani, the right-back of the red team, and his exclusion from the Al-Ahly list that will play the Ceramica match tomorrow, Friday, in the sixth round of the Egyptian Premier League.

Amr Al-Soleya announced that he had recovered from the Corona virus after suffering from the dreaded virus for a long time, as he had been absent from Al-Ahly since his team’s match against Niger’s champion Sonideb in the first leg of the 32nd round of the African Champions League.

Al-Ahly suffered from Corona injuries, which caused him to be deprived of a number of his players, especially in the Wadi Degla match in the league, where the dreaded virus caused the loss of the services of Amr Al-Sulaya, Afsha, Muhammad Hani, Akram Tawfiq, Rami Rabia, Marwan Mohsen and Mahmoud Kahraba, in addition to the absence of injuries such as Junior Ajay and Nasser Deft.


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