Schubert: The Cabinet Crisis Committee refuses to hold the January Football Association elections


Journalist Ahmed Schubert confirmed that the Cabinet Crisis Committee refused to hold the Football Association elections during the month of January, as Schubert published on his Facebook page, “The Cabinet Crisis Committee refuses to hold the Football Association elections on an exceptional basis during the month of January.” .


The tripartite committee for managing the Football Association had submitted Dr. Ashraf Sobhy, Minister of Youth and Sports, the plan to hold the FIFA elections on January 31 for a period of 4 years to come, in accordance with the instructions of the International Football Association (FIFA), provided that the Minister of Sports presents the plan and the file in full The Council of Ministers to take the final decision on the fate of the Football Association elections.

A state of controversy prevailed over the fate of the upcoming Football Association elections. At a time when FIFA insists on holding elections up to a maximum of January 31, the Olympic Committee, headed by Hisham Hatab, has reservations about holding the elections on the grounds that they will be invalid, as the FIFA did not call for the elections before October 31 Past according to the list.

The previous five-year committee of the Football Association, headed by Amr Al-Ganaini, held a general assembly meeting on November 29 to finalize the amendments to the statute, and the tripartite committee intends to hold elections on January 31..


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