Security intervenes to break up the protests of the angry Ismaili fans after the Arab championship bid farewell


The security forces intervened to disperse the angry demonstrations in the vicinity of Ismailia Stadium so that things would not worsen after the dervishes left the Arab championship, where the crowd chanted, “Enough is forbidden … we will not walk, he will walk.”

A source revealed to “The Seventh Day”, that the club’s board of directors Ismaily Headed by Ibrahim Othman, in the process of holding an emergency meeting to discuss the fate of the technical apparatus led by Abu Talib Al-Essawi, whether to leave or continue, after leaving the Arab Cup, and the loss of Raja by three goals to one goal in the sum of the two matches of the semi-final round of the Mohammed VI Champions Clubs Championship.

Mohsen Metwally opened the scoring for Raja in the rematch this evening, then added the substitute between Malango, the second goal, before Mahmoud Bin Halib spent on Al-Ismaili’s hopes by scoring the third goal in the 86th minute of the match.

With this result, Ismaily deposited the championship after a journey in which he reached the semi-final round by defeating Libyas Al-Ahly, the UAE island, and Al-Ittihad of Alexandria, before defeating Moroccos Raja.

And successive training for Ismaili since the arrival of the Council of Engineer Ibrahim Othman 19 coaches during the three and a half years, began with Emad Suleiman, the end of Abu Taleb Al-Essawi, the current coach, who was announced to continue temporarily until the end of the Moroccan Raja match.





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