Set the new frequency of the Scare TV 2021 channel on Nilesat to watch foreign horror films premiering


Scare tv announced the change of its frequency since the end of last December, and the channel’s launch to broadcast via a new frequency on the Nilesat satellite, and since the channel’s announcement of the frequency change, the search for the new frequency of the Scare TV channel has increased intensively by observers, considering it one of the most important channels Foreign horror, which offers distinctive and unique content from distinctive horror movies around the clock, where it is important for followers to know the new frequency of the Scar TV channel, to set it on the channel receivers, and to enjoy watching its special and distinctive content without encryption, which we explain in detail in our current report.

The frequency of the scare tv channel has changed since the beginning of January 2021, as part of the channel’s keenness to develop its frequency to reach all users, and to ensure a good view of the channel without interference or interruption, in the context of continuing to display exclusive and distinctive films first through its screen. Gaining the confidence of its viewers, and continuing to show all new and exclusive foreign horror films, which makes it one of the most important foreign channels currently on the NileSat satellite.

Scare TV horror movie channel

Scar TV is one of the most important foreign film channels specialized in providing horror and thriller films, and it is a type of films preferred by a large group of viewers, and they are keen to watch exclusive and distinctive content, and the horror channels are shown on the Scare TV screen, in conjunction with being shown World Cinema, in an exclusive premiere on television.

Scare TV is an open channel that broadcasts via Nilesat to the entire Arab world and the Middle East, and it broadcasts 24 hours a day without stopping, and is characterized by relatively short advertising periods, which does not cause the viewer to become upset and bored.

Among the latest films to be broadcast on Scare TV, currently (The Visit – Into The Forest – Kill Bill Vol.1 – Eden lake – Venom – House On The Willow Street) and other exclusive films.

Scare TV channel frequency 2021

the moonFrequencyError correction factorCoding ratethe quality
Nile Sat10872 V5/627500SD

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