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The public of the third millennium and before it also does not know the broadcaster Shafi` Shalaby, who disappeared from the lights for nearly 40 years, and he became forgetful, some summarize him only as the announcer of (the wheel), as he was one of the stars of reading the news bulletin in the seventies, and he achieved all this presence in the presence of giants The size of “Hamat Mustafa, Ahmed Samir, Mahmoud Sultan, Zainab Sweidan and Dorriya Sharaf al-Din” .. And I absolutely apologize to the adults who have forgotten to mention their names. There were those who were eagerly waiting for Shafi’i to show them his rebellious features, his sober Arabic language and his own style.

Shafi’i was consistent with himself, a young man in his late twenties, who did not adhere much to the customary (protocol), he just wanted to be himself, it was not just a wheel to go to the giant building, tying the serious ones to the lock next to (Uncle Erian) the newspaper seller The famous in front of Gate Four in Maspero, wearing sandals, leaving his curly hair and a simple shirt, and insisting on presenting the news bulletin with these clothes, while they see that (casual) injures Jalal the bulletin, and it is not permissible for anyone who provides news about the president and what is happening in the world of fateful events to He appears in his full official form, he wanted to break the taboo, not just as a difference, but to express himself, his time and his generation, when a decision was issued to exclude him from the small screen at the end of the seventies because of (the wheel) and because he was not committed to the official dress, did not dare any The only print on his defense is “Rosalie Youssef” magazine, specifically the great writer Salah Hafez, who bet that he will become a school in the style of modern performance, which has not been achieved so far, because (stereo type) the stereotype is the one that wins in the end .. He could not Any reader of a bulletin after an intercessor should take a step, because they were all apprehensive Patron saint of fate.

At the beginning of the journey, Shafi’i presented a number of programs on the street, and he was also conducting dialogues with senior officials, and he did not adhere to the (script) prepared in advance, and an altercation took place on the air between him and Yusef al-Sebaei, the former Minister of Culture, and he was not afraid of the minister’s anger, but he paid the price with suspension.

Some used to describe it as (stinging), which means that it does not adhere to the norm and goes far from the general line .. The truth is that we do not expect all writers to be in discipline of Naguib Mahfouz, otherwise Dr. Yusef Idris, who was not adhering to any formal rule, even he met Presidents Hosni Mubarak and Hafez al-Assad at his home on the North Coast while he was bare feet wearing shorts, and when they were amazed, he replied: (They also did not treat him without time.).

Bligh Hamdy, for example, had an ambition to include in his penultimate tune of Umm Kulthum (Love Is All) the two instruments of the Rababa and Al-Baladi Ops, but she said to him: (Do this madness far from me).

Shafia had a very harsh feeling that the intellectuals did not stand with him, with the exception of director Khairy Bishara, who assigned him a major role in his film (The Buoy 70) in front of Ahmed Zaki, but Shafia’s talent in the art of performance did not qualify him to continue. It really was a flash of talent, except it lacked a bit of intensity.

In the seventies, it was earlier than in time … and still is after half a century earlier.

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