Shafi Shalaby, broadcaster, actor, author and director … 4 faces of an integrated artist and a rebel against the principles


Shafia Shalaby passed away on Wednesday morning, at the age of 73, and he was born on May 2, 1947.Shafi Shalaby graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture, then worked as a broadcaster, actor and director, so we can say that Shafi’a Shalaby is an integrated artist.

Shafi Shalaby is the first rebellious broadcaster who had the idea of ​​wearing a suit on programs

Shafia Shalaby was the first TV broadcaster to present programs dressed as Kajol, and this is unusual in the media profession and he rebelled against the idea of ​​wearing a suit and a kraft, and that is why the announcer called him “Al-Manqush”. The latter, Minister of Culture at the time, and saw daring in the questions that were held with him, and was prevented from appearing by a presidential decision due to his political positions in 1981.

Shafia Shalaby participated in 3 films, “The Awwama 70” with the late star Ahmed Zaki in 1981, “Behind the University Walls” in 1981, and “Alia and the City” in 1979.

Shafia Shalaby wrote and directed some documentary documentaries that he broadcast on a private channel he founded on YouTube, most notably: Eid in Upper Egypt, the Egyptian street throughout history, Shafi Shalabi in the heart of the Egyptian street.

Shafia Shalaby, coordinator of the “National Accord” and president of the Arab Festival for Television, 1994

Shafia Shalaby played his political role as coordinator of the “national consensus” between the political forces in Egypt in 1995, and worked as head of the “coordination committee between Egyptian professional unions” in 1995, and Shafi Shalaby took over the management of the “Arab Television Festival” in 1994, and Shafi Shalaby was elected to the council The Syndicate of Cinematic Professions for two consecutive terms in the last decade of the twentieth century, Shafi` Shalaby was also elected to the Council of the Filmmakers Union in 1990, and the Council of Artists and Writers in 1999.


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