Shall the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia provoke the interaction of the tweet Twitter: The decree is Qatari or Yemeni?


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Shawl raised Crown Prince SaudiPrince Muhammad bin Salman, many of the pioneers of the Twitter site interacted, after his recent appearance at the Board of Directors meeting of the Saudi Public Investment Fund.

The tweeters were divided between the interest in the price of the shawl, while some others were interested in the inscriptions painted on the shawl, likening it to the Qatari inscription, and others to the Yemeni inscription.

The debate began about “the shawl of the Saudi crown prince”, after the “Turki Al-Sheikh” account published a picture of Prince Muhammad bin Salman, and wrote: “May God protect you, my master”. .

Also, another account posted a tweet in which he said: “The crown prince’s shawl, may God protect him,” with a picture bearing the price of the shawl.

One of the followerss account wrote: “The Prince of Youth and their Beloved … His Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Qatar’s” Shall “. In reference to the recent Gulf reconciliation between both Saudi Arabia And state Diameter.

While one of the tweeters replied, saying: “The shawl is Yemeni, not Qatari … to correct.”

This is not the first time that what the Saudi crown prince wears has become prominent among the pioneers of Twitter or Facebook, as a muzzle worn by Prince Mohammed bin Salman during the meeting of the 41st GCC summit in Al-Ula in the Kingdom sparked a great debate about its price and quality.

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