Shawky Al-Saeed: I am better than Wael Jumaa, and Walid Suleiman is a mischievous player


Shawky Al-Saeed, the former Zamalek and Ismaili player, revealed that Walid Suleiman, the Al-Ahly player, is a violent and harmful player, and he deliberately injures the players, and this matter was repeated more than once with more than one player, unlike Tariq Hamed, the Zamalek player who plays violently, but does not intentionally injure the players.

Shawky Al-Saeed added, in statements to Ontime Sports Channel with the media Shima Saber, that in one of Al-Ahly matches, Walid Suleiman directed insults at me to the mother and I complained to Al-Ahly leader at the time Hossam Ghaly, but Suleiman decided to direct insults more than once, so I then hit him in the stadium.

The former national team player confirmed that he sees himself better than Wael Gomaa, Al-Ahly player and the former national team, and that he is one of the best defenders in the history of Egypt.

Al-Saeed also referred to the reasons for his departure from Zamalek, saying: “I left Zamalek out of respect for myself, and there were many disputes between the players and coaches. Insults directed at the Portuguese coach, Inacio, Zamalek at the time, and the translator translated these insults, and the coach did not make any decision.

The former Zamalek player added that Al-Ahly had negotiated with him 3 times to wear his shirt, but he preferred to continue and move to Zamalek.


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