She comes home a lot … a vendor kills his daughter and throws her body on the road in Qalyubia


The public security sector headed by Major General Alaa Salim, Assistant Minister of Interior, succeeded in uncovering the mystery of the murder of a woman in Qalyubia.

She reports to Qalioubia Security Center that the body of a 21-year-old housewife, who lives in the center’s district, was found dumped on a road in the center’s district.

The investigations of the research team formed under the leadership of the Public Security Sector and with the participation of sector inspectors and Criminal Investigation Department officers in Qalyubia security concluded that behind the commission of the incident her father was a 48-year-old street vendor residing with the same address.

After the procedures were legalized, he was targeted by a police station headed by the Public Security Sector, which resulted in his arrest, by confronting him with the findings of the investigations, which he acknowledged and confessed in detail that he had committed the incident because his daughter used to be absent from home – he said.

The aforementioned accused decided to take his daughter outside the house, allegedly to talk to her, and after they arrived at the place where the corpse was found, he finished it off, threw her to the ground, and assaulted her with a white weapon, a “knife,” prepared in advance, updating her injury that killed her and disposing of the knife by throwing her into a water drain.

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