She had plastic surgery, was subjected to harassment, and fulfilled Talaat Zakarias dream


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Tuesday 05 January 2021

Books – Hani Saber:

Today falls on Tuesday, January 5, the birthday of the artist Hana Zahid, born in 1994, and today she celebrates her 27th birthday.

We tell you stories here, Zahid, in the following report:

– She is an actress who started her advertising career before entering the world of drama in the series “Timing Teams”.

– She appeared in her first movie “Jimmy’s Plan” in 2014, and played a major role in the series “Seek Ali Your Sisters”, which was shown on “MBC Egypt”, and then she embarked on the journey of stardom with multiple roles.

The audience calls her “Arab Barbie.”

– This year, she is fighting her first absolute tournament in the world of television drama, with the series “Helwa Al-Dunia Sugar”.

– Here Zahid revealed that she had performed one plastic surgery, in televised statements, saying: “It is one operation in my climate,” stressing that she does not want to change anything else in her appearance, and that she loves her features as they are.

– On the audience’s comparison of her with a doll “Barbie”, she said here Zahid, it is nice because Barbie is an example of beauty in girls, but she does not like this analogy for one reason, which is that she is ultimately a doll that has no soul.

– After her marriage to the artist Ahmed Fahmy, she was exposed to a severe health crisis, and as a result, she was admitted to the hospital, during her honeymoon, and the result was the eradication of the gallbladder.

– She revealed that she had achieved the dream of the late artist Talaat Zakaria, preparing for the film “Sasha” that he wrote and his idea, as she said here, in televised statements: “Sasha was written by My parents, may God have mercy on him. Talaat Zakaria is the one who composed and wrote the idea with him, I have been doing it for a long time. I spent two years doing it myself, but I didn’t have a chance, and I am happy because of that. “

– She won the Arab Star Festival as the best actress for “The Washer”.

– Here Zahid got rid of the tattoo “tattoos” that she drew on different parts of her body, and decided to remove the tattoo on her shoulder and arm by undergoing tattoo removal sessions, and advised the audience through her account on Instagram, and warned not to rush to make a decision to draw a tattoo until Do not regret it after that, like it happened with her.

– She was subjected to verbal harassment while driving her car, as the prosecutor listened to the statements of Hana Zahid, who decided that while she was driving her car, she was surprised by a quarter-truck next to her with 5 young men trying to approach her and speaking in shameful terms. She tried to speed up her car, but they pursued her and were tightening the noose around her while continuing to utter bad words, so she took out her mobile phone. To photograph them, and when they saw her, they hid their faces and fled by car, whose numbers could not be determined, and the 5 workers accused in the incident of harassment of the artist here Zahid were released with a financial guarantee.

– She defended her husband, the artist Ahmed Fahmy, in his problem with Shikabala, the Zamalek player, and wrote on her Facebook account: “Far from my testimony in him is wounded because people will say this because of her husband. I do not understand the football and I do not see her, but I see what this person is. He likes to be spontaneous and forget that he is an actor and he deals with all people with every taste, even in the street, in photography and everywhere, and the people who know him know this well. “

She added: “I know that people kindly say,” No, this is a representative. He does not say his opinion, but unfortunately this person forgot and loses from a lot of what is in his heart on his tongue, and he does not like hypocrisy, nor would anyone like to win an audience like many people who do that, when he writes his opinion. ” He writes it on the Facebook account where his friends are like any other family, but unfortunately, you see news of what they say, in general, I want to tell you that you have a good heart and more spontaneous, and you say what is inside you without what you think so that you forget that you are originally an actor.

– Next Ramadan drama will be played in the series “The Tiger” with the star Mohamed Adel Imam, written by Mohamed Salah Al-Azab and directed by Sherine Adel.


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