“She was talking to me and holding a rosary.” Ahmed Saad talks about his marriage to Sumaya al-Khashab


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Artist Ahmed Saad talked about his relationship with the artist Sumaya al-Khashab, explaining that that period of his life was going through a phase that he described as “very spiritual,” so as soon as he met “Al-Khashab” and found her holding the rosary in her hands, he preferred to associate with her shortly after their contact together.

“Saad” said in the “Sabaya al-Khair” program, presented by the media, Reham Saeed: “I always love to talk about it and talk about myself, during this period I was inside a religious person, and I entered with you an intervention that said I was doing a lot of miserable needs and I remained another person I want to repent .. It was a very spiritual stage. ”

He continued: “The long life of my personal life (Extreme) is black and white, and there is no gray. She was talking to me and holding the rosary while I was holding the rosary.

And he continued, explaining that the reasons for marriage quickly and which end in divorce: “Because there are no rumors and people will chase you with marriage.”

The artist announced his marriage to the artist Sumaya al-Khashab, in October 2017, and after 18 months they separated, and the artist wrote on his personal Facebook page, the news of his separation from her, confirming that he wishes her happiness, and that God gives him love and tender to present to his children.

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