Sherif Mounir for the first time reveals the picture of the eldest daughter, Fouad: “Thank you, you are in my life.”


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Artist Sherif Mounir revealed his son’s picture for the first time, after he grew up and changed his features. And Farida and Camelia ».

Commenting on the publication of his photo on Instagram, Mounir said: “Asma and Fouad, may God bless you for me, unite you and what separates you forever, my dear children.

The followers participated, commenting on the video clip, and one of them said: “I am not their door sincere, their big brother.”

It is noteworthy that the artist was married twice, and had children with his first wife, “Asma and Fouad,” who passed away following “colon cancer”. After her death, the artist met his second wife, Laura, who was working as a model and then participated in about 5 films: If this was a dream, and the market Fun, Land of Fear, The Other Man, and the Hero.

And she combined a love story between them, which was followed by marriage, and she gave birth to two daughters, Farida and Camelia, and she also shied away from acting after her marriage and directed all her focus to the family.

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