Shocking confessions of a father whose son was slaughtered in Dakahlia: “I wanted to rest and comfort him” (details)


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The Mansoura Center Prosecutor heard, on Monday, detailed confessions from “Mahmoud H.A.”, the father who confessed to the slaughter of his son, and threw his body on the side of the road in one of the villages of Mansoura Center in Dakahlia Governorate.

The father justified his actions during the investigations of the prosecution that he “wanted to rest from the problems caused by his son, and to relieve him from the dark future that awaits him,” adding: “My son Adham has 13 years old, and he is sick and suffers from excessive electricity in the brain, and he has cases of excitement, and caused many The problems include beating his school, and he always quarrels with his peers and sisters, and every day he comes with a problem until my patience is finished with it.

He added: “Several days before the incident, I heard him talking while he was in the bathroom and saying that I and his mother loved his sister more than he did, and I had to kill them all, so I was afraid that he would commit a crime and get tired in his life, so I decided to kill him until he relaxes and relieves us.”

Regarding the crime, the father said: “I lured him while he was on the way to the gym, and I gave him juice with an anesthetic, and after he lost consciousness, I stopped to buy a medical scalpel from a pharmacy, then slaughtered him with it, and he was anesthetized, and he did not feel anything, then I threw his body on the side of the road,” adding: “ I went home after the incident, and asked about him but I did not find him, and we searched for him everywhere, as if nothing had happened, and the people started searching with me, and I posted his picture on my Facebook page, and I asked people to look with me and tell me where he was, if they saw him so that I could get suspicion away. In the event that the body is found, and I wish the dogs would eat it before they found it. ”

He continued during the investigations: “I love my son and I was afraid that he would tire out in his life and his future would be dark because he would spend his life in prison because of his problems. I also feared his sisters from him, so I decided to comfort him and relieve them of his presence.”

Major General Raafat Abdel Baath, Director of Dakahlia Security, had received a notification from Major General Mustafa Kamal, Director of the Directorate’s Investigation, that a report had been received from the people of the village of “Dibo Awam,” affiliated to the Mansoura Center, that the body of a child had been found on the side of a canal connecting the villages of “Dibo Awam and Mitt Awam” .

Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Tawfiq, head of the Mansoura Center investigation, moved to the place of the report, and by examination it was found that the corpse of the child “killed them. M. H”, 13 years old, and a resident of the village of Tanah, affiliated to the center’s department, had a slaughtered wound on the neck where his picture, specifications, and clothes matched with the photo published by his father on Social networking sites where he appeals to whoever finds his son to inform him of his whereabouts.

The mabahith summoned the father of the child who knew him, and a state of anger prevailed between the people of the village of Tanah and the neighboring villages, due to the ugliness of the accident, and everyone began to console the grieving father of his son and everyone demanded the arrest of the perpetrators.

A report on the incident was drawn up, and it was referred to the Public Prosecution, which moved to inspect the location of the body and decided to transfer it to the Mansoura International Hospital morgue, and the forensic doctor was assigned to explain the cause of death, and the investigations quickly investigated the incident and its circumstances and the speed of arresting the perpetrators.

Due to the importance of the incident, the director of the investigations formed a research team headed by him and the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Tawfiq, head of the investigations center, and the criminal investigation officers, information and technology. The investigations revealed 72 hours after the incident, the cameras were emptied around the child’s home, and the place where the body was found revealed an unexpected surprise, which is that the child’s father is the perpetrator of the crime. The investigations confirmed that the car that the father had rented to commit his crime had the GBS device, which detects the places and routes that it took, and the investigations department was able to determine its route from the time it left the exhibition until it stopped at the place where the crime was committed.

Investigations and tracking cameras confirmed that the child’s father rented a car and followed his son after he left the house on his way to the “gym”, and asked to ride with him. Then he stopped in front of a pharmacy in the village of Mit Gheron, the Center Department, to buy a scalpel, which is the tool with which he committed his crime, then took the child to the place of finding On his body, he slaughtered him and then dumped him on the side of the road, then returned the car to the exhibition and returned home.

The child’s father was arrested, and the prosecution took over the investigations.

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