Shortness of breath after eating strawberries forces you to go to the hospital … it may cause death


Eating the strawberry fruit occurs a lot of swelling and redness in the face and severe difficulty breathing, and this is after a period of heart muscle failure and this leads to death, and the artist Nada Basyouni Root is the reason behind the death of the sister of the artist, Sana Shafaa, after she consumed this fruit directly.

When you eat strawberries and the appearance of some symptoms, you must go to the hospital because they cause death

Nutrition and obesity consultant Dr. Linda Gad Al-Haq reveals that the death of the artist’s sister Sanaa Shafea after eating a strawberry and causing an allergy to it, which in turn results in the great redness of the face and the constant itching of the skin, resulting in shortness of breath, the allergy is dealt quickly It will actually lead to death, “Strawberry allergy is very common and it is always found on it, with suffocation and narrowing of the windpipe with redness and swelling of the face.”

Allergy in all degrees, according to the nutrition consultant, and it was clarified that what led to the death and this according to severe sensitivity “is necessary after what symptoms appear directly, we go to the hospital, and take a cortisone injection immediately, but this leads to death.

Strawberries, manga and bananas are among the three fruits that most commonly affect those who eat them with an allergy, and it has been emphasized that work is being done on the big change and it is constantly changing. “Sunnah is not concerned with sensitivity, and we must deal quickly with sensitivity and not neglect it, otherwise it will lead to difficult results.”


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