Source in Saint Etienne Leela Kora: We did everything we could to get Mustafa


A source inside the French club Saint-Etienne revealed that they did everything they could to sign Mostafa Mohamed, the Zamalek striker, saying that they did not offer players from within the team as part of the deal.

The source – who declined to be named – said in his statements to “Yallakora” that the management of Zamalek must be reasonable in its financial demands in order to allow the success of the negotiations, and to help the player achieve his desire to play for the ranks of the team.

The same source explained that the current situation as a result of the Corona pandemic has negative effects on everyone and there are difficulties in obtaining sponsorship rights, and the football market has become weaker.

And the source continued his speech: “If Zamalek gives the opportunity to Mustafa Mohamed, it will give him a great opportunity to play with a great coach and in a big club and the French championship.”

He added: “There are milestones in the player’s soccer career that are very influential in what he will achieve inside the football stadiums, and the important decision is affected by the presence of a real leader inside the club who appreciates the interest of everyone, and on our part we have provided our strongest as a suitable physical offer for the team.

As for what was rumored about the club’s offer of one of its players to Zamalek as part of the deal, the same source replied, saying: “This is completely untrue, we only offered my money.”

Saint Etienne is seeking to contract with Mustafa Mohamed to support his ranks this January, while Zamalek has not decided his position.


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