South Korean company “LG Display” invents a bendable screen with self-sound with a thickness of half a millimeter


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A preview of a previous model of LG Display screens in Las Vegas, USA, in 2018

The company, “LG Display”, the South Korean manufacturer of screens, is preparing to unveil its latest innovations in the form of an OLED screen, which it says is “bendable and self-sounding at a scale of 48 inches.”

The company will showcase its new production on the global market at the 2021 International Consumer Electronics Show, which opens on January 11th.

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“LG Display”, which announced the news today, Sunday, stated that this high-tech screen can be seen “flat when watching TV, and also used in a bending position to enjoy better visual perception when playing games.” The new screen is also available on Cinematic Sound OLED technology, as high-quality sound comes out from the screen itself.

As for the shape, the design of the new screen has several advantages, among which is the larger than usual reduction in its thickness, which moved “from 9 mm to 0.6 mm”.

Source: South Korean “Yonhap” Agency

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