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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Books – Mohamed Salah:

The “Unified Platform for Electricity Services” published a video in which it explained the details of all the stages that enable the citizen to submit an electronic request to install a code meter through the Ministry of Electricity’s electronic platform.

According to the website, you can register online and know all the details of electricity prices through the link provided by the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy.

To register on the platform

According to what was published by the “unified platform for electricity services”, the application can be submitted “online” through 5 steps as follows:

1- Entering the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company website, and choosing the citizen services platform.

2- Click on “Request a Kodi Meter” service.

3- Fill out the required data form.

4- Attach a copy of the national ID.

5- Click on the box (Send request).

The “unified platform for electricity services” explained how to follow up the submitted request by sending notifications of the request’s position, through the following means:

1- Log on to the website itself to follow up on the application.

2- Follow your e-mail, which you have entered in the data.

3- An SMS will be sent to the phone number you put in the data field.

What are the advantages of the code counter?

1- It is a prepaid meter, but it does not carry the name of the owner of the unit to which the current is connected, but it has a code number.

2- The kilowatt hour price does not differ in the code counter from others, and the subscriber is billed according to the announced segment prices.

3- The value of the scale required to install the code meter does not differ from the value of the traditional meter.

4- Allowing electricity distribution companies to pay installments to citizens without interest in order to facilitate them and encourage them to install code meters.

5- Pre-paid meters do not allow electricity bills to accumulate on customers of electricity distribution companies.

6- These meters are characterized by high accuracy in calculating electricity consumption and calculating the value in the system of segments that suit your consumption.

7- You warn the customer when the balance is low, in addition to the presence of an emergency system.

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