Steps … this is how iPhone users can check any applications that collect information about them


Apple released privacy stickers with the latest update in iOS 14.3 to help iPhone users understand how their personal data is used by the apps they download, and after December 8, 2020, developers of all iOS apps had to abide by the new privacy rules if they want to push an update for their app, in other words, All apps will ultimately need to make users clearly understand what data is being collected and how it is linked to the user to create a digital identity.

But this feature is only available to iPhone users, thanks to Apple, and we can only expect Google to introduce a similar privacy feature. Here’s how to check the iOS app that tracks your personal data.

1. Update your iPhone to the latest iOS 14.3 version, as the new Apple privacy stickers are available with the iOS 14.3 update. Therefore, you will have to go to Settings> General> Software Update to update your iPhone.

2. After updating to iOS 14.3, open the app store, once your iPhone is running iOS 14.3, open the app store and search for any app you want to download or have already downloaded.

3.Tap on the app to expand the page and scroll down to the app’s privacy section.

Find any app you want to check, expand the app description page and scroll down to the app privacy section. Then click on “View Details”

For a detailed list of personal information that the app collects.

4. Click “Learn more” to understand exactly how the apps track you.

Apple has included a detailed description to explain how your data is used, click “Learn more” to understand exactly how the apps track you.


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