Storming the “Capitol” … and gloating in democracy – Muhammad Saad Abdel-Hafeez


Posted in: Saturday 9 January 2021 – 8:00 PM | Last update: Saturday 9 January 2021 – 8:00 PM

As soon as the media reported scenes of supporters of US President Donald Trump storming the Capitol headquarters last Wednesday evening to disrupt the adoption of the outcome of the presidential elections, which Joe Biden won, until social media campaigns in the Arab world began attacking American democracy, which failed to impose stability and allowed Chaos and storming of institutions.
Some of those who led the attack campaign transmitted pictures of the invaders to the Congress headquarters wreaking havoc in the offices of congressional officials, and with these pictures recorded their wishes for an escalation of the crisis, “so that America drinks from the same cup that we drank from during the Arab ruin events,” according to one of them described, and the matter reached that Some of them talked early about America might go into civil war.
They wanted to send a message to those dreaming of establishing democratic systems in our country, to the effect that “chaos is the objective equivalent of your alleged democracy … and praise our Lord for the blessing of stability.” Some tried to convince their followers that “the end of America has approached, and its democracy will not intercede for it.”
They found in the chaos of the four hours that took place in the periphery and corridors of Congress, an opportunity to justify the tyranny, oppression and manipulation of the will of their people by the regimes of the Middle East countries, and to despair of the people from the democratic path.
Only 4 hours passed, as we mentioned, until the calls of these shamans calling for clinging to despotism evaporated. American institutions bypassed the reckless behavior of the president and his supporters, Congress met, and Republican Vice President Mike Pence, who presided over the joint session in his capacity as President of the Senate, endorsed the result of the Electoral College vote that Casting for Biden.
In that session, the leader of the majority in the Senate, Republican Senator Mitch McConnell, attacked his president, Trump, and called for the election results to be annulled, “If these elections are canceled in response to the claims of the losing party, our democracy will enter the circle of death, and we will not see again the turnout of the whole nation to vote in the elections every fourth Years, but each party will pay to win power at any cost ».
According to what was reported by American television networks, a number of officials in the administration of the American president decided to jump from his ship and announced their resignation after the events of the storming of the “Capitol”, while a number of his ministers discussed the possibility of his resignation, and discussed the possibility of activating the twenty-fifth amendment to the American constitution, and this amendment allows the vice president and the majority Members of the government may dismiss the president if they find that he is “unable to bear the burdens of his position,” and the American president has become “out of control” in their view.
The positions of US officials, “Republicans and Democrats,” were based on preserving the democratic rules on which the United States was founded, and which Trump tried to tamper with. They decided to set aside their partisan biases, and adhered to respecting the constitution, law and customs so that America would not turn into a third world country whose elections Trump said was better than the last US presidential elections in a speech minutes before the storming of Congress.
The uprising of current and former US officials and their rejection of what happened prompted Trump to announce his acceptance of the election results, “Although I completely disagree with the election result, and the facts are evident to me, nevertheless there will be an orderly transfer of power on January 20 ..”
What happened is not evidence of the failure of the democratic path, as some hastened and declared in our country, inasmuch as it is evidence that democracy is always able to correct its mistakes, so as long as there is a firm belief in democracy as a necessity for building, stabilizing and advancing states, and as long as societies adhere to this faith, any attempts at tampering will not succeed By the rules of respect for the law and the constitution, and the rotation of power, even if a dysfunctional and despotic person reaches the highest hierarchy of power.
Attempts to escape from the initiation of building a democratic system, and clinging to despotism will only lead to backwardness, poverty, disease, ignorance and chaos that cannot be controlled.

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