Subway before the court for “tuna sandwiches without tuna”


It includes the class action lawsuit that was filed last week against Giant Fast food , Connecticut, accuses the company of fraud and false advertising about the content Tuna sandwiches.

The lawsuit indicated that the sandwiches contain “a mixture that does not depend on tuna at all, but rather is a mixture that resembles tuna in terms of shape, color and texture.”

Subway denied these accusations, and told NBC News in a statement that it “offers 100 percent cooked tuna in its restaurants, which is mixed with mayonnaise and used in fresh sandwiches and wraps.”

Maggie Trux, director of global public relations at: Company “Subway”: “These unfounded accusations threaten to harm our franchisees and small business owners who work tirelessly to uphold the high standards that Subway sets for all its products, including tuna.”

She added, “The lawsuit constitutes a reckless and indecent attack on the trademark of (Subway) and on the livelihoods of the franchisees in California. In fact, there is no basis in law or reality for the plaintiffs’ allegations, and they are frivolous and not based on facts. “

The two lawsuits, Karen Dahanwa and Nelima Amin, said that they seek to represent a class of Subway customers who had bought the tuna sandwiches and found no trace of tuna as an ingredient.

The lawsuit, which was filed on January 21, indicated that “independent tests have repeatedly confirmed the validity of what was stated in them,” but it does not mention where these tests were conducted, and when or by whom.


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