Summary – Angham with Zahra Rami: I wished to sing the Tatar “Morning and Evening Hadith” and make a mistake in my personal choices, and this is my relationship with festivals | news


Singer Angham, a guest on Radio Energy, arrived with journalist Zahra Rami for a special evening celebrating New Year 2021.

During the episode, Angham talked about her artistic career and her wishes that were fulfilled during this journey, and also talked about her songs and her dramatic vision that helps her present her songs on stage.

The following is a summary of Angham’s statements with Zahra Rami on Radio Energy:

– During the home quarantine period, people were locked in homes. As for me, I was locked in the studio and finished my Gulf album and gave two concerts online.

– It is difficult to count on a specific generation, as I started my artistic career in childhood, and at that time my fellow artists were older, some of them continued their journey and some of them retired.

Away from arrogance or humility, I do not compete with any of my colleagues, because I have drawn a line for myself since the beginning of my artistic career and I walk on it and achieve it.

– I give a high focus to what I present of songs, and I do not like to repeat any sentence that I used in an old song, even if it happened that any sentence was repeated, it must be placed in a different context and far from the old completely.

I don’t think I have lost any of my fans because of stereotypes, I am always keen to renew and change myself.

I am very “sharper” in my practical and artistic choices, but I err frequently in the choices of people around me.

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I love drama and coexistence, so I present each song with a different and new character, and on stage I can perform 22 songs with 22 different characters.

I don’t have a specific acting technique, but I feel very old.

– The most impressive actors I see are Khaled Al-Sawy, Majid Al-Kedwany and Mahmoud Hamida to work with them.

My relationship with festivals and popular songs is not deep, as I may listen to some of them by accident, and I may continue hearing the last song, and I may not be able to permanently.

– I am ready to make a “rap” duet as long as the song is “appropriate” to me.

– The most sacred stage and I love its stance, and I do not mean to stand with a certain prestige or appearance.

– I love changing within limits, and I never like exaggeration, whether in clothes, hair or make-up. Those who see Angham should know her.

A singer is the voice of the people, which is what I like to be, especially on patriotic songs or public issues.

– I am still affected by the death of Emad Abdel Halim until now, to the point where I sang a song to him on stage and I could not finish it from the impression.

I produced the song “Bagtat Travel” and had to sell my car to complete the rest of the filming.

I was invited to sing the series “Hadith of Morning and Evening”, and when the musician Ammar Al-Shari’i called me, I couldn’t believe myself.

Amir Toaima Amir as a person, and at the professional level is one of the most important poets of the past 20 years, and the Maestro Hani Farhat is one of the most prestigious personalities and best musicians in Egypt.

Khaled Ezz is a great and different composer and his voice is wonderful, and Fahd Mawzaa is very talented.

Turki Al Sheikh is a thinker and innovator in his artistic ideas. I love his passion for poetry. One of the most beautiful things I sang is the song “Bekhaf Farah” that he wrote for me, and on a personal level is nice and kind.

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