Summary – Samir Sabry: Sadat did not stop my program and Amr Diab is a great star news


The artist Samir Sabry was a guest on the program “One of the People”, presented by the journalist Amr Al-Laithi, on the “Al-Hayat” channel.

Samir Sabry spoke about his personal life, and these were his most prominent statements:

I did not see the marriage document of Abdel Halim Hafez and Souad Hosni, but for three years I saw a violent love story and a stormy love.

– I did not hate Anwar Sadat after the decision to suspend the “International Club” program because he had no part in stopping the program. I was hosting Fifi Abdo in an episode, and she said (I am from the country of President Mit Abul Koum), and I asked the director to delete the permit, then I traveled to London For two months, I learned to stop the program after my return, and I went to inspire Mustafa after my return and took out a paper from her office containing a public decision to return the program, and I learned that the president was very upset by the minister’s decision to stop the program.

– Shadia was very affected by the death of her brother Taher, and she considered him her son. Doctors told her that she had breast cancer, and she was about to eradicate it and traveled to America, and there they denied her injury, during this period she got close to God Almighty and decided to retire.

– Shweikar was a candidate for the play “Raya and Sakina” with Suheir Al-Babli, and Samir Khafaji showed Bahjat Qamar the subject and they made a summary of the play. Shweikar apologized, so Samir Khafaji said, “Send him to Shadia and read the first chapter and agree.

– Baligh Hamdi asked that someone who did not yebus the artist Warda in the movie (My Story With Time), and it is better that he said that because I didn’t want to blame her.

– My relationship with Samah Anwar is a very family relationship, and there is no other relationship between us, I am at least 20 years older than her.

– Amrodiab knows that he serves his talent with artistic intelligence, and I am happy that we have Amr Diab in the Arab world, but I do not love except for the voice of Abdel Halim Hafez, but I like Tamer Hosni, Muhammad Mounir, Hamaki, and the ladies, Sherine.

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