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Singer Shaima Saif was a guest in the Friday, January 15th episode of “Live from Duplex” with the famous doll Abla Fajita on the on channel.

Shaima Saif spoke with Abla Fajita about many secrets in her artistic and personal life. provides the most prominent statements by Shaima Saif with Abla Fajita in the “Duplex”:

1- I am 33 years old, so I was born on August 7, 1980.

2- My full name is “Shaima Fathi Muhammad Rashad”, as for the name “Saif”, it is attributed to director Saif Mumtaz, who discovered me and has great merit, so I loved my name forever.

3- Certainly I love El Gouna and I love the Sawiris family, but I do not go to the festival because I hold a special festival in my house called the International Monetary Festival, during which I see all the dresses and criticize them from the hairstyle to the choice of the color of the drink, which is not represented by an infringement from under my hands.

4- My mother had an ambition when I was young, that I played karate and she gave me away, and the coach used to sit and explain, and of course he would not do anything from the one he said, so I was hitting the children in a second and salvation, so they left me wrong.

5- My soul works in a dance floor, I feel that I will do it well because I have buried capabilities, and I looked at myself while I was dancing, and I felt that the external infidel is a lot of my head, and I have a need for myself that appears and I will not meet it.

6- I, as an actress, first need to go into filming, work with Bass the first on filming locations, if a villa is locked and that is perfect, even if a street location is like that, by saying that they are not empty and traveling.

7 – The most difficult thing in acting is the idea of ​​the bathroom, I do not like to enter a bathroom other than the bathroom of our house and the caravan bathroom is narrow and my body gets stuck in it, so I appeal to those who make the caravans expand the bathrooms because not all the actors are high.

8- Most information and remember it from the elementary stage. A person does not go down and does not start his day without breaking his fast.

9 – I adore the landfills and implement them in my friends and colleagues in photography, and my husband has the hope that I will change and I will do so.

10- I was defrauded by a producer when I participated as a guest of honor in a series after I agreed to do something with the director on the basis of one episode in the role of two twin sisters, one of whom is a dancer and the other a doctor. The producer mixed the script to reduce my wages, so I decided to run away with a caravan after I took my run before filming the rest of the scenes.

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