The anniversary of the death of the Lady of the Arab Screen .. Pictures from Faten Hamamas childhood


The anniversary of the departure of the Lady of the Arab Screen, the great artist, Faten Hamama, passes today, Sunday, January 17, who is considered one of the most important artists of the beautiful time, who was able to enter the hearts of her fans with her distinctive roles and her sophisticated acting performance since her appearance when she was a 5-year-old girl..

Faten Hamama started out as the distinguished talented child who possesses many talents before her age, and she was a brilliant fiancee at the age of six, and this talent emerged when her father invited an employee at the Ministry of Education in Mansoura to a ceremony honoring one of the new managers and prepared a jar to welcome the director, and made him memorize his daughter Faten.

During the ceremony, the child Faten Al-Zajal was cast in a wonderful acting manner that won the admiration of the attendees, and from that day her fame spread and became the fiancee of every ceremony held in Mansoura.

Faten Hamama won the competition for the most beautiful girl in Egypt, after which her father sent a picture of her to the director Mohamed Karim, who was looking for a girl to act with musician Mohamed Abdel Wahab in the movie Happy Day in 1940, and director Mohamed Karim was convinced of her talent and nominated her for her first role, “Anisa in the film Yom Saeed, “and the great artist Abdel-Warith Asr was assigned to write the script for the film, and among the roles in the film is a role for a 6-year-old girl, so Asr wrote a short role that suits a girl, but when he saw Faten Hamama with her father after the advertisement published by director Mohamed Karim asking for a girl to perform Role Asr was dazzled by Faten’s talent after talking to her and said that she would be the star of the future and rewrote the role of the child to give her more space, believing in her talent..

After the name of the girl Faten Hamama was published in the newspapers in 1940 during the preparation of the film as the first child to participate in an Egyptian film, the news caused a sensation, and one of the magazines launched a sensation and a huge campaign against the director, and demanded the government to protect the little girl from acting because of its stress on her health. The magazine conducted a referendum among its readers about whether or not the little girl is engaged in acting, and the result came in agreement..

After this result, the magazine apologized for publishing Faten’s picture and her name on a full page, and this was the first time that Faten’s name and photo were published in newspapers, and her family celebrated a great celebration on this occasion, and her father distributed sorbets and sweets to the neighbors, rejoicing his daughter.

The girl Faten achieved great success and attracted attention to her great talent, and after 4 years the same director called her again to star in the movie “A Bullet in the Heart” (1944), and with her third film “Dunya” in 1946, she was able to prove her feet in the world of art and acting and moved Her family moved to Cairo and attached her to the Higher Institute of Representation in 1946.


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