The artist Houria Farghali explains her suffering after her nose is disfigured – thought and art – stars and celebrities


The artist, Houria Farghali, revealed the details of her suffering in recent years, after her nose was deformed following operations she underwent due to an accident she sustained while practicing horseback riding.

Houria explained, during a telephone conversation on the “DMC” channel, that she is very sad because no person from the artistic community communicates with her, nor does anyone ask about her.

And she said: “No one will talk to me, why am I upset who is it? It is difficult for me myself, and I do not want someone to see me like that except when I return to the same as the first, and also one is getting old, I mean, I can do his work, you look good, but I have grown old, I have 44 years now. “.

She added that she has lived completely alone since the emerging Corona virus crisis, far from her mother and her brother, and when she leaves the house with a muzzle, people recognize her on the street despite that.

And she continued: “I don’t want them to differentiate between my appearance before that and that of me now, by saying, God is enough, and yes, the agent in what he says is from the cosmetic, by saying, O Lord, keep him in my place so that he can feel what I feel, it is enough that I breathe from my horn and can not eat, and I don’t smell any A scent .. this is torture. “

She stated that she is currently waiting for the reopening of the American embassy in Cairo to be able to obtain a visa and travel to conduct a new operation with one of the most famous doctors there, and she has great hope that it will return better than it was.



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