“The bacha stripped my clothes and his friend tied me up.” A judge and a criminal company manager referred to rape charges.


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The Public Prosecution’s investigations revealed exciting details of the accusation of “M.M.”, 40 years old, a judge in an appeals court, and his two friends, the “owner of a contracting office”, in the incident of rape and kidnapping of a girl in a tourist village on the northern coast. She said the first and second defendant paralyzed her until her strengths and lost consciousness. The second blew her clothes off and they raped her 4 times.

The investigations said that the defendants had kidnapped the victim by fraud by agreeing together to lure her into her affliction, in disliking her, and explained that the first accused had deluded her to hold a conference on real estate investment in her field of work with him outside Alexandria and he asked her to accompany him and the rest of the defendants, claiming to have reserved her accommodation alone in a hotel in Marina .

The investigation added that the victim, after arriving in Alexandria, confirmed to her that it was not possible to book the hotel on this day, so she went with them to one of the summer units on the northern coast and was forced to sleep in a villa they rented, so the victim was deceived and forced to sleep with them.

Half an hour after entering the villa, the victim said, I was surprised that one of them paralyzed me and the other stripped me of my clothes, and started screaming in a loud voice that I did not find anyone to save me, so they raped me 4 times and in the morning they left me after I confirmed to them after reporting them.

The security services of the Alexandria Security Directorate had received a report from a girl accusing a judge and a company owner of kidnapping and raping her in a villa in the Marina area, and investigations were intensified, so the information confirmed the authenticity of the report, so they were arrested after obtaining permission from the Public Prosecution.

Today, Thursday, the Public Prosecution decided to refer a 40-year-old judge in an appeals court and his two friends “the owner of a contracting office” to an urgent trial before the Criminal Court, accusing them of luring and kidnapping a girl by deception to a village in the northern coast after deceiving and raping her.

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