The Biden administration stops the immunity of the former Egyptian prime minister in the torture case of Muhammad Sultan


Today, Saturday, the administration of the new US President, Joe Biden, suspended a request for immunity that had been submitted by the Egyptian government – previously – regarding former Egyptian Prime Minister Hazem Al-Beblawy.

The American newspaper “Washington Post” reported that the immunity request was suspended after the change of the American administration, and the case will not be reviewed until after February 26, with the stability of the basic matters for the new administration.

And the American “Washington Post” previously said, on July 10, that the Egyptian embassy in Washington had demanded the intervention of the US State Department in the case that Sultan filed against Al-Beblawy.

The newspaper added that the Egyptian embassy warned that if the US State Department did not intervene in Al-Beblawi’s favor in the case; This would harm the “strategic relationship” between the United States and Egypt, noting that the decision came after allegations of a campaign of diplomatic pressure launched by the government of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to block the case against Al-Beblawy.

At the time, a number of American lawmakers and human rights groups accused Cairo of blackmailing the administration of former US President Donald Trump, by threatening to weaken the strategic partnership in the Middle East, unless Washington intervened to reject a lawsuit from Muhammad Sultan (32 years old).

Earlier in July 2020, Al-Beblawy’s lawyer told the court that the Egyptian government – through its embassy in Washington – said that his client “enjoys immunity from the lawsuit, not only due to his current diplomatic status, but also personal immunity because of his official position,” on June 21 / Last June.

Al-Beblawy has been serving on the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund, since November 2, 2014, and according to the diplomatic agreement, Al-Beblawy enjoys “full immunity” from criminal, civil and administrative procedures in the United States.

Sultan accused the former prime minister of Egypt of torturing him, saying that he would continue to defend his case until justice was served.

He added, “It is inconceivable that I see my government trying to intervene on behalf of my torturers instead of protecting its citizens. They have exposed my family and relatives to great harm, and this is not over yet. We know from the beginning that it is a long battle, and such a strike will not prevent us from seeking justice. ”

While Sultan’s lawyer cited the US Tort Victims Protection Act, a 1991 law, that allows lawsuits against those responsible for torture or inhuman treatment that take place anywhere in the world, if the accused are in the United States and do not remain in presidential or government positions.

Muhammad Sultan al-Masri has American nationality and is active in defending human rights, and since he filed a lawsuit against Al-Beblawy, the Egyptian authorities imprisoned him for 21 months (and was released in 2015), in addition to the imprisonment of a number of his Egyptian relatives, in what human rights groups described As an attempt to force him to remain silent.

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