The color of nasal secretions reveals your health condition .. Know how?


The color of mucus can tell you a lot about what is happening inside the nasal passages, and although doctors rarely use nasal mucus as a primary diagnosis of the disease, it can shed light on other diseases, in this report we learn about the color of nasal secretions and how it reveals your health and diseases that It affects you, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

Natural mucus is mostly water with proteins, antibodies and dissolved salts. These substances are constantly produced by your nasal tissues and most of them flow to the back of your throat to dissolve in the stomach.

The white color of mucus: This means that the swollen and inflamed tissues in your nose are working to slow the flow of mucus, which leads to its loss.

– Yellow color means that you have a cold or that the infection is progressing, and the infection-fighting cells may rush to the site of the bacterial infection.

– Green means that your immune system is fighting, if you are still sick, you may want to see a doctor, and sinusitis can be the cause, or a bacterial infection, if you have a fever or nausea, see a doctor.

Pink or red: This is blood, so there is a break in the tissue of your nose in some way – perhaps because it is dry, irritated, or has suffered some kind of impact.

Brown: It is likely something that has been inhaled, such as dirt or pepper.

Black: If you are not a smoker or a user of illegal drugs, black mucus may mean a serious fungal infection. This infection usually occurs in people with weak immune systems. If you are one of them, it is necessary that you see a doctor indeed.


How much nasal mucus is normal?

You produce and swallow about 1.5 liters of nasal mucus every day.

Why does one drop of mucus sometimes come out of the nose?

You usually run your nose on a cold day when this happens. You may notice that one drop sometimes hangs from the tip of your nose. This drop is water condensing from the cold air and passing over the warm nasal tissues so, it is actually not mucus.


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