The contractors increase Jarrah Ismaili with a goal in his own home


The contractors won a victory over Ismaily with a clean goal in the postponed match between them from the sixth week, which was held at Ismailia Stadium.

The contractors raised its score to 7 points in the 12th place, while Ismaily fell to the 15th place with 6 points, the same as Wadi Degla, who is in the 16th position.

The Ismaili crisis increased with a decline in the league standings, days after the Mohammed VI Cup, the Arab Championship, was eliminated from the semi-final league by losing to Moroccan Raja.

Match details:
The first dangerous ball by the Ismaili with a brace came from Muhammad al-Shami in the 20th minute, and it passed just next to the post.

Among other great tactics, the contractors managed to score the first goal in the 25th minute, after more than a pass concluded by Hennestroza with Hamdi Zaki’s pass, who scored in the empty goal to score the wolves’ first goal.

In the 66th minute, the referee canceled a goal by the Ismaili after a singular effort by the Angolan Ari Babel, before the ball collided with Fakhr El Din Ben Youssef, who was in an offside position, to reside in the contractor’s net, but the referee canceled it after a hint of the var technique.

The remaining minutes of the match continued, amid weak attempts by the Ismaili to equalize, until the referee blew the final whistle with the victory of the contractors.


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