“The dream is approaching” .. Egypt faces a decisive confrontation with Slovenia


The “Pharaohs” team is looking forward to achieving a positive result, whether by winning or drawing against the European team, to reach the quarter-finals of the tournament, and to be among the eight in the world game.

Sweden currently occupies the top of Group D with a difference in direct confrontations with Egypt, as each of them has six points in its balance, so there is no other way for the Pharaohs to win or draw against Slovenia national team To rise to the quarter-finals of the World Cup.

In the event that the points are equal between the teams of the same group in the main round of the World Cup, direct confrontations between them will be resorted to, so in the event of equal points between Egypt and Sweden, the European team will occupy the top of the group, after its victory over the Pharaohs team in the preliminary round.

In the event that Sweden defeats the Russian Federation, whether Egypt tied or won, it would rise to the quarter-finals and occupy the runner-up in Group Four.

If the Swedish national team loses, Egypt rises to the top of the group in the event of a win or a draw against Slovenia.

In the event of a tie between Sweden and the Russian Federation, Egypt will advance to the quarter-finals as the first group if it beats Slovenia, and rise as the second group in the event of a tie, and the championship is deposited in the event of a loss.

A difficult confrontation

To learn about the Egyptian national team’s chances in that decisive confrontation, sports critic Mohamed Salem says that Egypt is facing a relatively difficult task on paper, but the performance of the Pharaohs in recent meetings increases the hopes of Egyptians about the team achieving the best possible place in the tournament.

It is noteworthy that the Egyptian national team has won all its matches so far in the main round of the tournament, where it has won over the Russian Federation and Belarus.

Salem added to “Sky News Arabia”: “Slovenia relies heavily on the method of” fast play “, which is the method that always increases our chances of losing against other teams historically, in various previous world appearances of the Egyptian team, and this was what appeared strongly in the last minutes. From the Egypt meeting against Sweden in the preliminary round of the tournament. “

The Egyptian critic emphasized that facing the European team’s playing method requires a quick rebound and stopping play through non-violent violations, so that no player from the team is subjected to a two-minute suspension, “Egypt must end the attacks positively on the goal, so that the team has an opportunity to organize its defense before the attack. Counter from Slovenia. “

Salem pointed to the great role expected to be presented by the Egyptian national team player Ahmed Al-Ahmar in that decisive confrontation, “The Slovenian team has a strong defense, and here comes the role of the individual skills of the players, headed by Ahmed Al-Ahmar, who is one of the most skilled hand players in the world.”

He also believes that there are many elements within the strength of the Egyptian national team that can greatly influence the Slovenia match, such as Mohamed Mamdouh Hashem, who presents a distinguished tournament so far and is the most “circle player” who has scored goals in the current edition of the World Cup, with a success rate of 95%.

He concluded: “The statements of the Egyptian national team revealed that they dealt with each meeting individually, and the players made promises to the public to provide the best possible performance in every match, which is the same method that helped the Egyptian junior team win the world championship title in 2019, so I think that Egypt can win. On Slovenia, and reaching a new historic achievement for Egyptian handball. “

The finalists from Group D, which includes Egypt, will face the qualifiers of Group Two, which so far led by defending champion Denmark, and one of the most prominent candidates to win the tournament.

It should be noted that the best position achieved by the Pharaohs in the tournament was fourth in the World Handball Cup in France in 2001, and Egypt also succeeded in obtaining eighth place in the last edition of the World Cup.

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