The fact that an official apology from French Saint Etienne arrived at Zamalek club


Essam Salem, the official spokesperson for Zamalek club, revealed the fact that an official apology had arrived from the French club of Saint-Etienne regarding the club’s previous statements regarding the demands of some people to obtain commissions to agree to the transfer of Mustafa Mohamed, the striker of the white team, to the ranks of the French club.

Essam Salem said, in statements to “The Seventh Day”, that Zamalek did not receive any official emails or letters bearing the signature of Saint Etienne’s president or officially sealed from the club, explaining that all that happened was the arrival of an email sealed by the contracting manager of the French club and it does not carry any Official seals and thus it is an informal letter.

In another context, Zamalek club issued an official statement to respond to the accusations of the president of the French club Saint-Etienne, who confirmed the presence of people in the White Castle who asked for a “commission” to agree to the departure of Mustafa Mohamed, the striker of the team, and the statement read as follows..

Zamalek club followed with interest the statements of the president of the French club Saint Etienne, dated January 14, 2021, on the Al-Nahar channel and the indication it contained that people he did not name, or indicate their character, requested money in exchange for facilitating the transfer of Zamalek player Mostafa Mohamed to his club.

In this regard, Zamalek Club confirms the following:-

First: Zamalek club rejects in any way any offense or attempt to defame any of its affiliates, who enjoy transparency and credibility.

Second: The club categorically and unequivocally rejects the threat contained in the aforementioned statements of disclosure of the names of those who requested access to funds in the event that the deal was not completed, and asks Saint-Etienne’s club officials to immediately disclose these names, if any, in compliance with the standard of integrity and transparency that must be followed.

Third: In this context, the Zamalek club announces the final cancellation of the negotiation regarding the transfer of the player, Mustafa Mohamed to the French club Saint Etienne, out of respect for us to the entity and concern of the Zamalek club, as well as its broad fans everywhere who do not accept such matters, which contradict the values ​​and principles The ancient club, which has always been witnessed by tongues and hearts and touched by feelings.

Fourth: The Zamalek club is currently taking the necessary legal measures regarding this issue, through which it preserves its moral and moral rights, which are represented in defamation and abuse of some club officials, and the club will immediately and clearly announce all the information that is disclosed and deal with it according to The highest standards of clarity and transparency.


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