The fact that clothes were transferred to the virus and when the vaccination began … are the most prominent statements of the Minister of Health about Corona in Egypt


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The Minister of Health, Dr. Hala Zayed, revealed the date to start vaccinating citizens with the Corona vaccine, in addition to her talk about the increase in the number of infections, during her conversation with Amr Adib, on the story program, on the MBC Egypt screen.

The most prominent statements were:

There is no shortage of oxygen in hospitals, indicating that we have a strategic stock of oxygen and the number of oxygen tanks in hospitals has been increased.

The vaccines for the Corona vaccine will come with their own syringes, and 39 million syringes have been secured, in addition to the stock available in the provinces, and more have been contracted.

– Once the second shipment arrives, the vaccination phase will take place very soon, indicating that the vaccination period with the Corona vaccine will take place between the second and third week of January.

Getting the vaccine is optional and not compulsory.

I met with the Minister of the Interior last week and places were identified in all 27 governorates, in preparation for vaccination and rehabilitation of places.

President Al-Sisi gave a directive to the Engineering Authority to assist the Ministry of Health and the specialized authorities to follow up on the readiness of the vaccination sites, and quickly raise their efficiency.

– The current period is witnessing an increase in respiratory diseases, which causes many deaths, indicating that all countries of the world are witnessing an increase in infections with the Corona virus.

We knew and expected an increase in the number of Coronavirus cases in Egypt.
– Keeping people in closed places led to a rapid increase in disease, because closed places increase the chance of transmitting diseases.

The increase will continue during the month of January.

– The numbers that are announced for people with corona represent from 10 to 15% of the injuries only, because the majority of them receive treatment from a private doctor and at home.

Measuring clothes by itself does not transmit infection with the emerging corona virus.

Coronavirus infection is transmitted through touching surfaces with hands and then placing them on the nose or mouth, or close clothing to the mouth or nose.

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