The fact that Muhammad Hamaki obtained the profits of the song “Bint Al Jeeran” from YouTube


Hamdi Badr, director of the star’s business, Mohamed Hamaki, told Al-Youm Al-Sabea that what was published about Hamaki’s profits from the song “Bint Al-Jeeran” is completely unfounded, indicating that these profits belong to no one but the company producing Hamaki’s album, Basem Hamaki in obtaining profits does not know anything about professionalism, especially since there are standards and controls that govern that system, and therefore there is no error published, and if we get profits, we will announce, especially that we do not do anything we hide from it.

It published news that the star, Mohamed Hamaki, had obtained the profits of the song “Bint Al-Jeeran”, according to the statements of a director of the YouTube site.

In another context, Mohamed Hamaki will attend his new album, which is a great surprise to his fans in Egypt and the Arab world, as the album is scheduled to include 12 songs and may shrink or increase according to the vision of Hamaki and the artistic production company, Hamaki cooperates with many poets, artists and distributors, but The details are kept secret and announced in a timely manner.


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