The first images from a young documentary film that embodies the life of Doctor Mohamed Mashally, the defeated doctor. Video


“The Seventh Day” publishes the first pictures of the movie “Doctor Al Ghalaba”, which embodies the character of Dr. Mohamed Mashally, who is famous for his doctor, who is embodied by a group of young people.A group of young people announced that they had embodied the character of Dr. Muhammad Mashally, “the doctor of the ghallabah”, after his family authorized them to publish his biography and the story of his struggle.

And the film team announced that the end of filming will be next Friday, and the promo will be announced in the coming period.

The film embodies the life of a doctor of preoccupation, starting from childhood and how he grew up until his enrollment in the Faculty of Medicine, then working in the medical field and the story of his struggle and his love for charitable work.

It is noteworthy that a state of great sadness descended on the Egyptians after the departure of Dr. Muhammad Mashally, known as the doctor of the ghallaba, at the age of 76, and the echo of that case reached all Arab countries due to the good biography of the late, who gave himself to treat the poor and needy and was an ascetic in everything around him.


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