The first operation of its kind … the arms and shoulders of a man who lost them 23 years ago


They said it remains uncertain how far Felix Gretarson, 48, will be able to move after his operation earlier this month in the city of Lyon South East France.

“To give a little to a person who has lost a lot, it is already a lot,” the chief surgeon in the operation, Aram Ghazarian, said in a press conference Friday, adding that if he managed to regain the ability to actively bend his elbow, this would change his life, according to the British newspaper The Guardian.

And Greatarson, the electrician, was working on a line Electricity High Voltage On January 12, 1998, when an 11,000-volt electric current shocked him, it burned his hands and arms and threw it onto the icy ground.

As a result of the accident, Gretarson suffered multiple fractures and internal injuries, and went into a coma for 3 months, during which surgeons amputated his arms, and underwent several surgeries, including Liver transplant.

And when Leon-based hand transplant pioneer Jean-Michel Dubernard visited Reykjavik for a conference, Gretarson asked him if the missing limbs could be replaced.

Gretarson’s wife, Siluya, told a news conference Friday that the operation was his “biggest dream,” adding that she never felt the operation was really necessary because he had “missed nothing” in his life.

During the arm transplant surgery, about 50 medical staff participated in preparations for the operation, and 4 surgical teams took part to reduce the transition time between a suitable donor, who took years to find, and the recipient.

Doctors said that it hoped to become Arm The right is functionally better than the left side, which also required a complete reconstruction of the shoulder.

They added that no serious complications were detected 9 days after the complex surgery.

The patient was far from being able to move his arms, but was visibly happy with the result SurgeryIn a short video clip, filmed on his hospital bed, that was shown at the press conference.

Lionel Baddett, the surgeon who launched the medical protocol for the operation in 2010, said: “With this level of AmputationWe cannot promise anything, “noting that Gretarson has years of re-education,” but we will support him throughout his life. “

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