The first pictures from Nader Hamdi’s wedding news


Artist Nader Hamdy is now celebrating his wedding to producer Sarah Hosni.

The ceremony was attended by a large number of stars such as actor Hani Ramzy, songwriter Tamer Hussein, Hatem Fahmy, Aziz Al Shafei, journalist Mamdouh Moussa, Nader, Nour, Ahmed Ibrahim, actor Ahmed Fahmy, Muhammad Attiyah, and his fiance Mirna Al-Helbawi, Touma and Mustafa Mahfouz.

The first photo of Nader Hamdi’s wedding


It is noteworthy that Hamdi and his producer bride Sarah Hosni concealed the existence of any love story that unites them, and they did not share with the audience any pictures that reveal their relationship together, but she was with him while he won the best distributor award for 2021, at the Arab Star Festival, which was held in a major hotel.


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